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Swing Associates orchestrates the business development of advanced technology for clients who are expanding their opportunities in the aquaculture, waste management, and green industries.




In the aquaculture industry, Swing Associates has partnered with Underground Fish Farm, LLC to design and develop a unique operating system called Hammerhead Technology.

Hammerhead Technology consists of underground units that protects the environment, produces organic products, and provides greater efficiencies compared to typical fish ponds.

Swing Associates will work with all sectors of developing countries in order to introduce, implement, maintain, and sustain the Hammerhead Technology. The state-of-the-art technology is the future of organic production and community sustainability. 

About Hammerhead Technology

Hammerhead systems control temperature extremes by using the natural insulating properties of the earth. Therefore, you do not have to put the system in temperate areas or heated buildings.

Due to its insulating properties, utility costs will be substantially lower than conventional systems. Predation is eliminated because Hammerhead systems are entirely enclosed and buried 6 feet below the ground using corrugated drainage pipes or individual/grouped tanks. The harvesting process is built into the system and it corrals the product in one single motion towards a harvesting access port.

Hammerhead systems do not have to be located near rivers, lakes, oceans, or geo-thermal springs. It can be placed inland near a well and because of this you can reduce expensive water front land costs. More surface land is available for raising crops that do not need tilling. Surface land can also be utilized to house wind generating electrical power to supplement utility costs and for added revenue.

There is no need for expensive indoor facilities which results in high overhead and management costs. Unlike most intensive fish farms, Hammerhead systems can handle high stocking densities and yield larger harvests. The system barely loses any water to evaporation due to its enclosed filtration and re-circulation processes.

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In the waste management industry, Swing Associates’ goal is to provide specialized consulting through in-depth research analysis, planning, and networking to connect advance technology from the United States to developing countries. Swing Associates believes advance technology such as material recovery facilities (MRF) and separation equipment can improve the environment and the communities that are affected by its change.

Swing Associates recognizes the differences in waste management methodologies between developing and developed countries. However, developing countries have very limited and outdated resources that are more detrimental to their socio-economic needs. The rise in population and industrial polluted outputs creates a large disparity in the infrastructures’ capacities to sustain and leverage environmental impact systems. Developing countries require innovative methods that would enhance their current resources, provide sustainable waste to energy growth, and create profit from recycling their abundance of waste material. Swing Associates will channel and assist in the development of MRF processing and separating systems to meet the needs of developing cities and municipalities. 

Swing Associates is committed to give the best recommendation and assessment on a comprehensive plan of action that will prepare developing countries with the solutions needed to efficiently handle and manage their waste.


In the green technology industry, Swing Associates provides ways to enhance and connect our clients that want to make a difference in their environments to companies that have the resources to change them. From innovative wind energy systems to water conservation methods for agriculture, Swing Associates’ approach towards solutions for our clients have always been green.

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