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Swing Associates facilitates platforms for global networking and business development for imported and exported raw materials. 

Although our specialties reside in coffee and water markets, Swing Associates is open to developing new business relations in other commodities.




In the coffee industry, Swing Associates represents a conglomerate of Costa Rican coffee growers. Costa Rica produces excellent coffees. The soils have a slight degree of acidity enriched by volcanic ashes, rich in organic matter that promotes a good distribution of the coffee plants’ roots, which in turn retains humidity and facilitates oxygenation. This combination of characteristics invigorates the plant and is one of the many factors that contribute to the quality of Costa Rican coffee. 

Their quality is unsurpassed and, for this reason, it is recommended to taste them unblended in order to distinguish the uniqueness of their flavor. The varieties grown in the country belong to the “Arabica” species, which yield a tasty, superbly aromatic and well-balanced beverage. Costa Rica is the only country where only the Arabica varieties, by law, may be grown. 

The history of Costa Rican coffee production is rich in the development of varieties, which are strong in their constitution and delicate in the quality of their fruit. These Costa Rican coffee growers are utilizing our resources to expand into the U.S. retail distribution markets. 


Swing Associates understands that water is a unique and limited commodity. Even though the earth is 75 percent covered in water, only one percent is available for human consumption, and of that 70 percent of that goes to irrigation and 22 percent goes to industry. That leaves eight percent of the one percent available for drinking, dishwashing, and watering your lawn. Spread evenly worldwide, that equates to 2.5 gallons per person per year. Developed countries use more than their share, however - about 100 gallons per person - and about 1 billion people currently lack access to clean drinking water.

Swing Associates utilizes water companies to provide solutions that will better service the disparity of these developing countries through our network – our gateway to global solutions. 

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