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Swing Associates aspires to provide global business solutions to underdeveloped communities by utilizing our resourceful network and innovative environmental technology.

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Swing Associates is a group of forward-thinking experts in various fields of the envirotech (environmental techonology) and commodity markets. Our expertise includes more than 30 years in waste management, water solutions, aquaculture, commodities trading, environmental, green, and clean technologies.

We offer a list of services for individual clients, corporations, and the international public sector, depending on their particular project needs. This includes global networking, outsourcing, and business development through envirotech and commodity market industries.

Swing Associates Incorporated is established as a Delaware based LLC with one principal with majority share and several stakeholders, each of whom owns a share in the company. 


Swing Associates is committed to providing global networking, outsourcing, and business development consulting in the areas of environmental and commodities related projects.

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Ellis D. Swing has helped structure the financing of development projects in transportation infrastructure and also environmental development projects, introducing new technology to manage water, energy efficiency, and waste management systems and recently, underground fish farms.

Mr. Swing lectured on Philippine political movements toward democracy in the Ethnic Studies Departments of both the University of California, Riverside, the University of California, Davis, and the University of California, Berkeley.

Mr. Swing is deeply involved in public and community service. He served as a Council Member of Riverside County’s (California) Council on Aging where he advised the county supervisors on decisions that affect all senior citizens of that area. He also served as Commissioner (2000-04) on the Equal Opportunity Commission of the San Bernardino County (California) in promotion of equal employment opportunities.

Mr. Swing founded Swing Associates with his late son, John Eric Swing. John was a longtime community organizer, Asian American advocate, U.S. Marine Corps veteran, graduate of UC Riverside, and ethnic studies scholar. 

Prior to founding Swing Associates, Mr. Swing was the leading economic advisor in the Philippines. He has counseled the late President Corazon Aquino and the late Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, Jr. As a close confidante of Senator Ninoy Aquino, Mr. Swing was dedicated to bringing democracy back to the country.

Mr. Swing received his undergraduate education at Manila Central University majoring in Economics. He also studied Economics and International Relations at Harvard University.


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